Susan Hanshaw, Founder and CEO, of Inner Architect is a seasoned and charismatic public speaker with over 20 years of keynote experience. The following page chronicles her video series “Becoming an Inner Architect” an instruction manual for life change, awareness, and purpose.

Please check back often as this rich resource library is an ongoing work with weekly entries to help you build the life you were designed to live.

1. Jan 18, 2008: How to Create Your Reality Step #1: The Paradigm Shift

2. Feb 29, 2008: New Book, New Video Series, New You: inner architect’s 3 Value Propositions

3. Mar 6, 2008: Becoming an Inner Architect Tutorial #2: The First 3 Choices of Change

4. Mar 12, 2008: Change Your Life Now: Let Go of The Paycheck And Your Fear?

2 responses to “Video

  1. letting go of fears about money is not easy especially when you are forced into it. I lost a job two months ago and I had lots of fears about not paying bills etc but I did manage to go without until I got another job.

  2. innerarchitect


    Thanks for giving us a glimpse at what you have gone through recently. I hope the videos inspired you and galvanized your resolve.

    Letting go of fears about money is not easy. But as you made clear you were able to make it through and hopefully prosper.

    Best of luck and please let us know of you progress.

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