Student Career Discovery

Inner Architect partners Susan Hanshaw and Dean Guadagni want to help young people of today avoid the pains of their mistakes. Both Susan and Dean graduated from college and fell into jobs without an understanding of how to make the right career choice. Twenty years later, Susan and Dean each found themselves in empty, heartless careers that drained their quality of life. They each decided to let go of those careers to begin new lives that were grounded in their passions and provided them with a sense of purpose.

Our mission now: Help students and parents to make the right choices at the beginning of adult life so that they can reap the rewards of those choices for many years to come. Short term benefits also include saving:

  1. Tuition dollars on unnecessary studies
  2. Time spent changing majors
  3. Frustration of not having clear direction

Student/Parent Work:

Through group presentations and individual student/parent sessions, we show you how to work through the steps to make the career choices that fit you best:

5 Steps to creating a career with passion and purpose:

Step 1: Acknowledge that there is purpose behind your unique talents, gifts and passions.

Step 2: Give yourself permission to create a career that expresses your passions and purpose.

Step 3 : Discover how you can combine your unique gifts and talents to earn a vibrant living.

Step 4: Do the practical work required for this role.

Step 5: Begin to step out to be of service to the world in the way that only you can.

Purpose coaching with Susan Hanshaw is intended to guide you through each of these steps. This process is a journey of making shifts in the way you look at your life and doing the necessary practical work. You can make it happen … one step at a time.

Contact Susan at to explore how she can help you on your journey.


2 responses to “Student Career Discovery

  1. soulintention


    In your reply -” think of the child you were and the adult you are now —” Do you think we really ever split those 2 people? I can only speak for myself, but I have to balance those 2 characters under the one roof I view as Self.

    But I agree, that in order to change our current unwanted situations in life we have to work on change – on step at a time. For what I have read on how the brain works and reworks itself focus and time are the key factors in manifesting the life we want to create for ourselves.

    You and Dean have a great purpose —


  2. innerarchitect

    Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for the kind assertion! We believe we are on the path that best suits our passionate interests and talents.

    “Do you think we ever split those 2 people?” in reference to our point: “think of the child you were and the adult you are now.”

    The reference was made in order to have people inventory their experiences and characteristics during their childhood and adult life. There is always overlap whether we enjoyed a loving childhood or something less than ideal.

    It is not a question of splitting 2 people. As children we have no idea what type of adult we are going to become nor do we understand the influences our childhood has on our growth.

    The idea was to hopefully have people survey their past and present experiences to identify what they love, what they did to create their passionate interests, and how they need to change to create new reality.

    Thank you again for the insightful comment and keep on writing!

    dean and susan

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