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The Most Important Step Towards the Life You Want

Q: What one thing can you do to enjoy success
in all aspects of your life?

A: Hold yourself personally responsible
for your success.

Personal responsibility is one debilitating obstacle that gets in the way for many of us. We recognize that unwanted pounds don’t melt away on their own, the love of our life isn’t delivered to our front door and our dream career doesn’t materialize overnight. Yet while we act responsibly to promote our employer’s success and our family’s well being, we often don’t maintain the same standards in pushing forth our own desires and dreams.

Consider these reasons to hold yourself responsible for your success:

· Control: You shift from a mindset of “I want greater success” to “My actions will create more success.”

· Opportunities: You recognize that it is your role to initiate your opportunities. You are not passively waiting for opportunities or good luck to land in your lap.

· Accountability: You see that the only thing standing in your way of creating success is yourself. You recognize that external challenges can be overcome with your focus and dedication to doing what it takes.

Steps to take this week to take responsibility for your success:

1. Consider your desires and dreams at the same priority level as your family responsibilities and job. Just like you wouldn’t ignore requests from your boss or fail to provide your child with health or school needs, don’t allow yourself to slack off on the steps you need to take to create your success.

2. Schedule time for the building of your success. You are in control of how you spend your time; don’t let it be your excuse. Put your necessary steps on your calendar and commit to them. Think of time as being the most important asset you have and invest it wisely. Always ask yourself if what you are doing is leading you to where you want to go.


Affirm Your New Reality: “Affirmations” 5 Tools To Dismantle Your Doubt

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you” the Nytegoddess

Claiming your new life is a process that is inspirational and challenging at the same time. One of the most useful and powerful tools to moving forward into your new life of change are affirmations.

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a positive statement that claims a new reality.

Examples of my affirmations:

I am developing a powerful media organization
I am representing a best selling author
I am launching a firm with the mission of changing people’s lives

5 Keys to Affirmations That Dismantle Doubt

1. Right Now: Affirm that what you want to create is in the process of happening right now

2. Believable: Balance what you want to create and where you are in the process. You must believe in your affirmations so design a statement that you believe you are achieving

3. Specific, Exacting, Succinct: Visualize exactly what you are in the process of achieving down to the specific details of your new life

4. Claim Responsibility: State your desires as yours to accept-doubt has no room here

5. Live the Dream: Feel what you are affirming as if it already has come to life. Feel the exhilaration knowing you are stepping down your path of purpose

New Book, New Video Series, New You: inner architect’s 3 Value Propositions

Author and Founder of inner architect, Susan Hanshaw, is producing a how-to video series: “Becoming an inner architect.” The series will support her new book “inner architect: How to Build The Life You Were Designed to Live.” In addition, inner architect is providing the following value propositions:

1. Weekly Video Series: Susan will provide steps, tools, tips, and strategies to help you learn how to acknowledge your career dissatisfaction through awareness, identify your passions, and change your life with purposeful intended results.

2. Free Copy of Chapter 1 : “Cultivating your Mind to Consider Change” of her upcoming book “inner architect: How to Build The Life You Were Designed to Live.”

3. Be An inner architect “Apprentice Contest”: Now you have the chance to voice your opinion, share your stories of change, and inspire others. Participate by ordering your free copy of Chapter 1 and write to us describing your experience(s).

The three best critiques or stories of change that “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” inspires will receive a free copy of “inner architect: How to Build The Life You Were Designed to Live” and a $50 Nordstrom gift certificate!

Take advantage and participate in the fun by emailing your free request for Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” to

Inner Architect: A New Theme-Reemphasized Focus

Inner Architect, started as the brainchild of author and inspirational speaker Susan Hanshaw, is a multifaceted company pioneering the new frontier of quantum physics’ convergence with metaphysics for human improvement and personal development.

Within this framework resides the empowerment principles you can utilize in order to bring positive change and personal growth into your life. Our focus remains the power of purpose, how to identify your purpose, and the steps and processes to create the reality and life you wish to achieve.

In step with this focus, we are reemphasizing our core principles by utilizing a new theme for both the website and blog. Both the website and blog remain vital and rich sources that will lead you to new awareness, help you identify your purpose, and instruct you on methods to begin a plan of action to achieve the reality you wish to create.

Join us by providing your thoughts and suggestions, give us your opinions, let us know how we are progressing, and tell us what you would like to see from inner architect in the future.

Tips for Maintaining Positive Energy: The Power Of “8”

Developing positive energy can become a habit if you work on it. It just takes practice. There are many things you can do to practice:

1. Begin every day with a ritual that reminds you that whatever you manifest in your life begins as a thought in your mind.

2. Remind yourself what you want to create in your life several times a day. Make this a habit.

3. Be aware of your thoughts as much as possible, and the control that you have over them. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop the thought and replace it with a positive one.

4. Approach your world from a mind of gratitude. Focus as much as possible on all the things you have to be grateful about. It’s impossible to experience a negative thought while you are dwelling in gratitude.

5. Develop a strong trust in the good of the universe. Expect that all your needs will be met. Strive to believe that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

6. Think of your mind as a sacred place and protect it. Don’t allow yourself to participate in negative energy. Claim your power to remove yourself from negative discussions, relationships and environments.

7. Look for beauty in everything you encounter.

8. Think of your experience of life like starring in a movie that takes place in your mind. If you want to experience joy, think happy thoughts. If you want to create or experience something, visualize it.

From Poverty to Multi-Millionaire: The Secrets to Manifestation


This weekend we had the opportunity to hear internationally renowned author and president and publisher of New World Library, Marc Allen tell his story of how he learned the secrets of manifestation, which provide the foundation for his latest book, The Greatest Secret of All.

In his new book, Marc Allen shares the how-to details of the exact process that he used to turned his life around to create huge success. Twenty four pages into the book, I’ve now come to my own understanding of this great secret. You’ve got to live the process to make it work for you. Here are some valuable tips from the book for starters:

  1. Write your ideal scene on paper, your dream life five years in the future.
  2. Recognize that within that scene lies several goals. Write those down.
  3. Create a one-page plan for achieving each of your goals.
  4. Write your goals as affirmations stated in the present tense.

You may be looking at these three tips, saying to yourself, “I knew that”. You’re right; there’s nothing new here. What is new is up to you. This time, look at this exercise as being the recipe to create the outcomes you want in your life. It is really that simple. The rest is all about making this process a habit. And if that makes you cringe, ask yourself this question—What could be more important?

InnerArchitect Launches Newsletter: Techniques For Designing Your Destiny

In the spirit of pioneering a new frontier, inner architect is proud to announce the January 25, 2008 premiere issue of our newsletter: Techniques For Designing Your Destiny.

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We will provide an action packed introduction to current and future posits, building blocks for education, guides, strategies, lists, tips, and how to steps to create your intended desired outcomes.

Issue #1: “What Can Quantum Physics Do For You”

*How you observe an event influences how it evolves

*We are not separate entities independent of one another and our environment

*Directed thoughts produce a physical energy

Intention: Your Power To Influence

*What is Intention? Intention is a deliberate effort

*Why focus on Intention? You are constantly designing your destiny

Six Steps To Using Intention:

1. Define your intentions into clear, specific thoughts
2. Visualize the manifestation of your intention
3. Mentally focus on your intention as often as you can
4. Take the external actions necessary to support your internal work
5. Believe in your ability to make your intention reality
6. Build confidence in your ability to influence change by noting when you have effected your reality through your intentions