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The Most Important Step Towards the Life You Want

Q: What one thing can you do to enjoy success
in all aspects of your life?

A: Hold yourself personally responsible
for your success.

Personal responsibility is one debilitating obstacle that gets in the way for many of us. We recognize that unwanted pounds don’t melt away on their own, the love of our life isn’t delivered to our front door and our dream career doesn’t materialize overnight. Yet while we act responsibly to promote our employer’s success and our family’s well being, we often don’t maintain the same standards in pushing forth our own desires and dreams.

Consider these reasons to hold yourself responsible for your success:

· Control: You shift from a mindset of “I want greater success” to “My actions will create more success.”

· Opportunities: You recognize that it is your role to initiate your opportunities. You are not passively waiting for opportunities or good luck to land in your lap.

· Accountability: You see that the only thing standing in your way of creating success is yourself. You recognize that external challenges can be overcome with your focus and dedication to doing what it takes.

Steps to take this week to take responsibility for your success:

1. Consider your desires and dreams at the same priority level as your family responsibilities and job. Just like you wouldn’t ignore requests from your boss or fail to provide your child with health or school needs, don’t allow yourself to slack off on the steps you need to take to create your success.

2. Schedule time for the building of your success. You are in control of how you spend your time; don’t let it be your excuse. Put your necessary steps on your calendar and commit to them. Think of time as being the most important asset you have and invest it wisely. Always ask yourself if what you are doing is leading you to where you want to go.


Becoming An Inner Architect Tutorial #2: “The First 3 Choices of Change”

You Always Have Choices

According to Susan Hanshaw, author of the new book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed to Live”, one of the most difficult ideas for people to understand and comprehend in order to take action is the idea of choice. For choice is the precursor to change, and as we can attest, sometimes change can be difficult even painful. If you are feeling stuck, if you are feeling lost, or if you are feeling your career has lost meaning, it is time to focus on the answer:

The First 3 Choices of Change:

1. Option #1: Keep everything Status Quo. Take no action and feel no differently

2. Option #2: Make an adjustment somewhere in an effort to influence positive change

3. Option #3: Let go of your job and find something that fits you better

Susan Hanshaw’s video, #2 in the series “Becoming an inner architect”, supports the idea of choice and the options of choice you now face. These concepts and steps were derived from Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind To Consider Change.”


For details on Susan Hanshaw’s book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live”, instructions on how to receive a free copy of Chapter 1 “Cultivation Your Mind To Consider Change”, and details about “The Apprentice Contest” reference “Inner Architect’s “How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live”: New Video Series, Contest, Book.

Free Book Chapter Offer:Take Your First Step To Change

We at inner architect are publishing a book, a life manual, “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” devoted to helping people become aware of their challenges, find the courage to confront the idea of change, and take the final step by implementing an intentional plan of action.

“The Apprentice Contest” is a first step in giving people the opportunity to review Chapters 1 now and Chapter 2 of “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” in the future.

The Benefits of Ordering Your Free Copy of Chapter 1

1. Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” helps readers learn:

a. To identify clues that tell you if your job is no longer working for you
b. Get clarity about how well your job is working for you
c. Understand what this means to you personally
d. Recognize what your choices are
e. Identify which choice you really want to make
f. How prepared you are to make a change
g. Your personal steps needed to prepare you to create your change

Susan provides guidance through steps, questions, and measuring tools (reader exercises) which provide the foundation for you to honestly evaluate your situation.

More importantly, Susan has lived and walked this path of change in her life. She abandoned a very successful 20 year direct marketing career as a Vice President to create a better life.

Woven throughout the book are her personal accounts and struggles of leaving a career that no longer fit her life. In addition to Susan’s story, she fortifies the book with stories from former coaching clients, students of her workshops, friends, and family. This collage paints a truth for many readers who can not help but identify, me included, with many of the scenarios in the book.

Final Analysis: Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” helps you understand the value of an open mind aka awareness, provide tools to measure where you stand in your beliefs and attitudes toward change, illustrates a methodical process of steps to implement to reach your goals and intended outcomes.

Truly consider Susan’s story, participate in the exercises, and consider where you stand. If you have experiences or thoughts please share them by joining “The Apprentice Contest” featured in our next article.

New Book, New Video Series, New You: inner architect’s 3 Value Propositions

Author and Founder of inner architect, Susan Hanshaw, is producing a how-to video series: “Becoming an inner architect.” The series will support her new book “inner architect: How to Build The Life You Were Designed to Live.” In addition, inner architect is providing the following value propositions:

1. Weekly Video Series: Susan will provide steps, tools, tips, and strategies to help you learn how to acknowledge your career dissatisfaction through awareness, identify your passions, and change your life with purposeful intended results.

2. Free Copy of Chapter 1 : “Cultivating your Mind to Consider Change” of her upcoming book “inner architect: How to Build The Life You Were Designed to Live.”

3. Be An inner architect “Apprentice Contest”: Now you have the chance to voice your opinion, share your stories of change, and inspire others. Participate by ordering your free copy of Chapter 1 and write to us describing your experience(s).

The three best critiques or stories of change that “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” inspires will receive a free copy of “inner architect: How to Build The Life You Were Designed to Live” and a $50 Nordstrom gift certificate!

Take advantage and participate in the fun by emailing your free request for Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” to

Awareness and Trust: Keys To Leading a Happy-Purpose Driven Life

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What do citizens under the control of the current North Korean regime, people living in the former Fidel Castro cold war communist Cuba, and political prisoners persecuted in China for expressing ideas or free thought have in common? These people are physically and mentally controlled with no freedoms to create or do what they wish to express.

With this in mind, why are so many people in democratic-free America, and other countries, so blind to the freedom they have to change their circumstances, express their thoughts, or create the life they wish to live?

The answer is awareness. People fail to see, believe, or trust that they have the ability to change their reality. They remain painfully unaware of their own choices in life in a world where many people ACTUALLY never have the ability to choose or create their life.

According to Forbes and other leading media sources, over 50% of Americans dislike their work, feel trapped in dead end careers, and remain fearfully unable to leave their source of discomfort.

Once people develop the awareness of the possibilities of a new life, they must build trust in their ability to create the life they wish to lead.

What is Trust? According to author Susan Hanshaw “Trust is a belief that you accept without evidence.” Simply put you know something to be true without having the physical evidence a scientist would demand as proof.

Trust is the secret to living your purpose

Key for Success #1: Trust in your ability to successfully start a new life. Utilize your Substance Factor including past experiences, skills acquired, titles attained, wisdom learned, respect achieved as powerful tools to move forward.

Key for Success #2: Build your trust so that it is stronger than your fear. Believe in your ability to change, stop allowing fear to dictate your choices, and plan to trust in your abilities to move into your new life.

Inner Architect: A New Theme-Reemphasized Focus

Inner Architect, started as the brainchild of author and inspirational speaker Susan Hanshaw, is a multifaceted company pioneering the new frontier of quantum physics’ convergence with metaphysics for human improvement and personal development.

Within this framework resides the empowerment principles you can utilize in order to bring positive change and personal growth into your life. Our focus remains the power of purpose, how to identify your purpose, and the steps and processes to create the reality and life you wish to achieve.

In step with this focus, we are reemphasizing our core principles by utilizing a new theme for both the website and blog. Both the website and blog remain vital and rich sources that will lead you to new awareness, help you identify your purpose, and instruct you on methods to begin a plan of action to achieve the reality you wish to create.

Join us by providing your thoughts and suggestions, give us your opinions, let us know how we are progressing, and tell us what you would like to see from inner architect in the future.

Tips for Maintaining Positive Energy: The Power Of “8”

Developing positive energy can become a habit if you work on it. It just takes practice. There are many things you can do to practice:

1. Begin every day with a ritual that reminds you that whatever you manifest in your life begins as a thought in your mind.

2. Remind yourself what you want to create in your life several times a day. Make this a habit.

3. Be aware of your thoughts as much as possible, and the control that you have over them. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop the thought and replace it with a positive one.

4. Approach your world from a mind of gratitude. Focus as much as possible on all the things you have to be grateful about. It’s impossible to experience a negative thought while you are dwelling in gratitude.

5. Develop a strong trust in the good of the universe. Expect that all your needs will be met. Strive to believe that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

6. Think of your mind as a sacred place and protect it. Don’t allow yourself to participate in negative energy. Claim your power to remove yourself from negative discussions, relationships and environments.

7. Look for beauty in everything you encounter.

8. Think of your experience of life like starring in a movie that takes place in your mind. If you want to experience joy, think happy thoughts. If you want to create or experience something, visualize it.