Christmas In June; Susan Hanshaw’s Book Is Here: Learn How To Obliterate Your Fears

Christmas in June is the feeling we have as Susan’s latest book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” has arrived “hot off” the press. Available on and our website, Inner Architect comes at a perfect time in U.S. history.

We feel the timing of this book perfectly dovetails the economic situation many Americans face today with layoffs, job loss, and company collapses littering the landscape.

This is a book of change not unlike what America is about to consider with the Democrats and Barack Obama’s campaign. Change has been a overused buzz word thrown about recklessly without thoughtful consideration throughout history.

Yet in today’s climate, change is becoming much more than lip service to those Americans tired of the same old thing, the same old results, from the same old effort.

No book available today provides the tips, steps, action planning, measurement tools, exercises, advise, substance factor of having done the work, and a complete recipe that Inner Architect presents.

3 Big Obstacles-3 Big Answers

1. “I can’t leave my job how will I survive?” How to eliminate your fear of money

2. “I have no choice” How to recognize your choices

3. “I can’t do that” How to believe in your potential and strengthen your belief in yourself


3 responses to “Christmas In June; Susan Hanshaw’s Book Is Here: Learn How To Obliterate Your Fears

  1. The MagCritic

    Reading the book– so far I find it very insightful – the workbook approach is great – this reinforces the brain to look, write and rethink -which creates lasting and positive changes.

  2. innerarchitect

    Dear MagC,

    That was our intention to provoke thought, awareness, and action. Within this frame work is the constant idea that if you need reinforcement you have “measurement tools” that allow you to self evaluate.

    Susan’s presentation of the material is based on her substance factor of having gone through the process and it is based on her vast number of experiences.

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback!

    dean and susan

  3. Great information, keep up the great posts!

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