A Man On A Mission: Taking Love To The Streets One Soul At A Time

Photo courtesy of SFGate.com

Imagine you are a history scholar, young father and newly wed in your 30’s, pushing hard for your doctorate from one of the leading universities in the world–and then it happens. You read an old version of the bible and you are blown away.

The experience is life changing and the transformation you embark upon begins with you leaving your doctorate studies for a life preaching “the word.” You begin your journey by inviting homeless people to sleep on your apartment floor every night. Your wife can not agree with your vision and your marriage ends in divorce with your wife and baby moving back to the East Coast.

The culmination of your transformation is your decision to turn in your apartment keys, sell your belongings, and go live in a homeless encampment under a freeway overpass so that you can relate to your “congregation.”

This is no Harlequin novel but rather the real life story, a wonderful read by San Francisco Chronicle’s Kevin Fagan, of Vincent Pannizzo a New Jersey native who was working toward his doctorate in History at the University of California at Berkeley before deciding, in his words, to heed God’s calling and preach “the word.”

What Do You Think Of This Man?

Maybe instead of a never ending stream of headlines about Paris Hilton, our convoluted and corrupt political system, and the ongoing soulless news items we are force fed, maybe we should seek out and make example of stories like Vincent’s story.

It is possible to change minds by simply changing what information you allow into your life? Tell me what you think.


4 responses to “A Man On A Mission: Taking Love To The Streets One Soul At A Time

  1. Education, knowledge and information often equals power. In this case it gave this person the power to transform their own life to help those less fortunate than themselves.

  2. Wow, what a very touching post. I think this is wonderful. Not many in todays society take time out for the most important things in life. I admire anyone who is not afraid to speak of our God and tell others about Him.

  3. innerarchitect


    Vincent is an extraordinary individual. To live the same way as the people you are trying to help is unusual and in this case harrowing.

    I hope Vincent will elicit charitable responses, and contributions in his quest.

    dean and susan

  4. innerarchitect


    Excellent point! Change begins with awareness of your surroundings as well as the awareness that you the individual need to change.


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