Instinct: Valuable “Intelligence” From Your Inner World

Because of our conditioning, instinct or intuition is often ignored as less than accurate due to our tendency to place more trust in what we know to be fact or physical evidence. Yet a vast amount of valuable intelligence is available from our own inner world.

“Intelligence” can be thought of as both information as well as smarts.

“Inner World” is our internal stream of thought, consciousness, and ongoing dialog.

Despite our conditioning and upbringings, we can choose to value our instincts by understanding their power, recognizing our own capability to hone our sense of intuition, and by using our instincts on a daily basis. In order to begin this process, it is important to understand some characteristics of intuition (aka instincts).

Common Characteristics of Intuition

  • A Sense of knowing something without knowing how you know it
  • Insights about your life that are “just there”
  • Persistent ideas that you don’t consciously focus on
  • Desires that you have that you didn’t consciously create
  • Dreams for your life that you would not dare to conjure up on your own
  • Insight that feels like it is coming from the depths of your being
  • A message or piece of knowledge that seems to come from out of nowhere
  • Out of the ordinary bodily sensations

4 responses to “Instinct: Valuable “Intelligence” From Your Inner World

  1. This is an excellent discussion of the two halves of our thinking or inner life – the intuitive and the analytical.

    In Spencer S. Johnson’s book ‘Yes or No – the Guide to Better Decisions” he lays out a simple system for accessing and and energizing these two halves of our intelligence for helping us make better choices – and decisions.

    I read this book every year – as it has helped me tremendously when I get OVER amped by the analytical side (ie: it looks good on PAPER) and fail to listen to my heart.

    Great blog – thanks!
    Rick Butts

  2. innerarchitect

    Hi Rick!

    Your kind words are so appreciated! Thanks for the tip on the book as well. I was inspired by your video on taking “responsibility” as I viewed parts of it this morning.

    I truly love your message, humor, and the authenticity you display in every message.

    Best wishes and please come back.

    dean and susan

  3. I have an example of being pulled into a situation just by having a passion for the cause. It was a rare and unliking occurance – but it came to be with my desire or designing the situation. It was a great lesson to me on the power of passion. I learned that you will be united with what you believe in, and if you ask why, you definitely will receive an answer. Call is the power of intuition or whatever – but it is real.

    Soul Intention

  4. innerarchitect

    Passionate interests the building blocks to desired reality. Once found, it is difficult to deny or resist the very “thing” that makes you unique or helpful to people.

    dean and susan

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