Trusting Your Heart: The Key To Unlocking Purpose

Purpose, your passionate interest(s) that brings joy to you and people around you, is the path to fulfilling your life’s meaning and ultimate value. Unfortunately in most cases, you utilize your analytical mind to make decisions rather than “giving credibility to your feelings and accepting their messages as valid.”

Why is it that most of us think of our hearts as an irresponsible force that is only looking for fun when it is the greatest tool to unlocking purpose?

4 Steps to Trusting Your Heart

1. Acknowledge: that your feelings contain messages. Being unhappy is an idea that begs for change. Your inner feelings, subconscious stream of thought, are always expressing how you really feel about something. Often times these feelings are expressing ideas that you may not yet be willing to accept

2. Credibility: give credibility to your feelings and accept their messages as valid Do you discount your feelings and try to rationalize “why” you feel a certain way?

A good example is boredom. Boredom is a syndrome in someone who is not passionate about their work. Rather than understanding this as a valid sign, people discount this sign and suggest that they may cure this syndrome by finding a new work environment. The same job in a different place is only a short term fix at best. Changing workplace locations or environments is not going to cure the fact that you are bored with the work itself; instead this thinking serves to prolong the syndrome rather than cure it

3. Believe: believe that your heart will lead you to a better way of life than your analytical mind. Recognizing and giving credibility to messages from your heart is a key step to happiness in all areas of your life

4. Act: act upon the messages! If you act upon what you trust then it’s important to make the shift to trusting the messages that come from your heart just like you trust your analytical mind


6 responses to “Trusting Your Heart: The Key To Unlocking Purpose

  1. I agree with this. Feelings are indicators!

  2. innerarchitect

    Yes they are very powerful “indicators” that too often we ignore because we have often been taught to be practical.

    It’s as if we are often taught to deny our emotions as signs of weakness when often they are guideposts for what we really desire to create.

    Thanks Jacqueline!

    dean and susan

  3. Hello Dean,
    I really enjoyed reading this article. Very informative and helpful. Thanks a lot for posting it.

  4. innerarchitect


    All the credit goes to Susan as heart is her specialty. I added a sprinkle of kindness but she is very adept at describing what is often in the indescribable.

    Thanks again for your kind words and please come back again!

    dean and susan

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