Discovering Your Passions: The Secret Of “Purpose” And The Role It Plays In Your Life

What is purpose and what is it’s role in a person’s life? Purpose is that “unique” something that each person has to offer,that will help benefit other people, during their lifetime. Our passionate interests are closely connected to our purpose. Unfortunately many people settle working in a career or living a life that is less than fulfilling or outright distasteful.

What is missing? Often the answer is the feeling that your life has no meaning or significance because you are not “giving back” and you are not feeling the excitement of passionate interest.

Mindset of Purpose: Understanding The Shift

*In order to live fully in your purpose, you must learn to perceive yourself and your significance in this world from a mindset of purpose. Are you utilizing your “gifts”? Are you helping people with your gifts? Do you feel that you make a difference in people’s lives through your passionate interests?

*The Shift requires you to change your perspective to a deeper level. Simply put recognizing purpose is a part of life that requires you to believe that there is more going on than what you can see on the surface

*Few people understand that the work that you love is the work you are really here, in this life on this planet, to do.


8 responses to “Discovering Your Passions: The Secret Of “Purpose” And The Role It Plays In Your Life

  1. First, thank you for commenting on my blog post. I have another wordpress blog called oncefuture which is mostly meditations on the power of Now.

    It is a phenomenal truth that instead of reacting and erecting walls in perception, offering outwards instead brings energy back to life. The illusion can be that something was taken away from me. When in fact “it” is returned as soon as I willingly give what I have to give.

    From individualistic views this may seem counter-intuitive. From a holistic perspective, it may be analogous to taking a cup of water quickly from a body of water, even more returns to fill that which left.

    Thanks for all your great offerings inner architect.

  2. innerarchitect


    Thank you for your kind words and coming to inner architect.

    Wonderful thoughts about perception! Reaction is often so misguided. Our words and thoughts have so much power over the reality we create.

    If we take control by offering positive and “giving” thoughts and words, the universe will return to us the same offerings.

    Please return when you have a chance.

    dean and susan

  3. Great thoughts about passions. Thanks a lot – I learn great things from you.

  4. innerarchitect


    The key to enjoying your life is identifying your interests, finding those interests that you are most passionate about, and utilizing them to create your desired reality.

    Thank you for your visit!

    dean and susan

  5. Absolutely! you’re such an expert about this. This blog is very encouraging, contains very positive thoughts and life changing. Hoping for more great posts. Thanks!

  6. innerarchitect


    Thank you for your encouragement! Change is about shedding a role that no longer fits for something with purpose and meaning. I hope our message is one of providing alternatives and options to a new path for you to consider.

    Best wishes and thank you for reading!

    dean and susan

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