Manage The Power of Your Mind: Learn How To Manage Your Words

In becoming aware of the power of your mind we often believe our thoughts are the most powerful tools available to us. The area we often ignore are the words we choose in expressing ourselves to others as well as to the universe. If you begin to consider the following tip, it will help you manage the power of your mind in creating the reality that you desire.

Word Tip: Consider your words “audio” versions of your thoughts, give your words the same power as you do your thoughts, and consequently say what you really mean because the power of your words matches the power of your thoughts. Remember to utilize words for the reality you wish to create not to complain or identify dissatisfying aspects of your reality

3 Steps To Managing Your Words

1. Awareness: remember that your words can either nurture or stunt the development of your vision-reality. Manage them accordingly

2. Commitment: make the commitment to honor what it is you wish to create by choosing supportive and positive words

3. Follow Through: attempt to “think before you speak”; this is a great policy that will help to make sure your words are in alignment with what you wish to create. You will not be able to do this all of the time but try, before verbally communicating, to measure the power of your words


9 responses to “Manage The Power of Your Mind: Learn How To Manage Your Words

  1. Great post. Here is a quote that I thought fit this. “I’ve learned people will forget what you say or do but will never forget how you made them feel” We try our best in our household to think before we speak – especially when a heated discussion arises. It not only allows us to think of what we want to say , it also allows us to cool down so we don’t say things that is hurtful to one another. Someone once told me that the best thing you can do behind someones back it pat them on it. I honestly believe that to be the truth. Perhaps we all can learn to curb our tongues before we speak. I know that I am trying.

  2. innerarchitect


    Your quote is an important reminder on how we effect or affect our surrounding world through our words–let alone our actions.

    Here is a quote an old friend used to love to utter “Be all you can be begins with you not the Army.” He was a former soldier and he knew exactly how words effected his stint in the service.

    For a wonderful perspective go to

    Thanks again for commenting

    dean and susan

  3. I enjoyed your post Mr. Architect, I am now begining to, in my life, rely on my creative powers.

    Thought. Word.Deed.

    Being proactive, creating instead of managing things I don’t paricularly care for. That has been the key.

    Thanks for creating a meaningful blog.

  4. innerarchitect


    Thank you for the kind words but Mr. Architect I am not–it’s “Mrs. Architect” Susan Hanshaw who is the brains behind inner architect. I am more the humble Kato to Green Hornet, Robin to Batman, Sean Penn to Madonna in the role I lead.

    Here is hoping you create the reality to wish one thought and one word at a time!

    dean and susan

  5. Lady Elizabeth

    Dear Dean and Susan,

    I recently got a comment from you guys regarding my entry of “A Words Worth.” There was also a part concerning a book review for the debut in June.

    You have an strong, yet very important position that often times young people forget about. I really like the analyzing that you have already done and would love to give you feedback, as we seem to stand with some of the same convictions.

    In closing, I am interested in knowing more about the book review to see how exactly it is that I can help.

    I really like the “word tip” idea you have going too.

    Best of wishes, and hopefully hear from you soon!



  6. innerarchitect

    Hi LadyE,

    Thank you for the kind and generous praise! We expect the book to be out in late May or early June. We will contact you before then for more discussions.

    Thank you for giving your feedback on the “word tip”it is wonderful to understand the impact certain ideas make or do not make depending upon our readers suggestions.

    Keep writing and make your way back!

    dean and susan

  7. Dear Dean and Susan,

    Thank you for leaving yet another powerful link on my blog. I just loved this post. Its true, that you truly have the power within you through your words, thoughts and tone to make people either fall in love with you or just to push you away. Its all in the power and will within you to manage these for a long nuturing relationships.

  8. innerarchitect


    I am glad you loved the post; we are trying to bring important concepts from Susan’s book forward in the blog. Some of what you have read will be in “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” and some will be outside that work.

    Falling in love is such a cool thing and yet it is so easy to prepare for in my opinion.

    The biggest tool for me was when I decided I was ready and I was going to take my “search” more seriously.

    I liked who I was and I wanted to find that in my partner.


  9. Great! Looking forward to hearing from you then 🙂

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