Affirm Your New Reality: “Affirmations” 5 Tools To Dismantle Your Doubt

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you” the Nytegoddess

Claiming your new life is a process that is inspirational and challenging at the same time. One of the most useful and powerful tools to moving forward into your new life of change are affirmations.

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a positive statement that claims a new reality.

Examples of my affirmations:

I am developing a powerful media organization
I am representing a best selling author
I am launching a firm with the mission of changing people’s lives

5 Keys to Affirmations That Dismantle Doubt

1. Right Now: Affirm that what you want to create is in the process of happening right now

2. Believable: Balance what you want to create and where you are in the process. You must believe in your affirmations so design a statement that you believe you are achieving

3. Specific, Exacting, Succinct: Visualize exactly what you are in the process of achieving down to the specific details of your new life

4. Claim Responsibility: State your desires as yours to accept-doubt has no room here

5. Live the Dream: Feel what you are affirming as if it already has come to life. Feel the exhilaration knowing you are stepping down your path of purpose


12 responses to “Affirm Your New Reality: “Affirmations” 5 Tools To Dismantle Your Doubt

  1. Thanks for using one of the inspirational thoughts I posted. It is nice to see these being spread around. I really enjoyed this post. We all have something we are trying to achieve in life.

  2. NyteG,

    Thank you for the great quote, your constant readership, and the kind words.

    If we all share the possibilities are endless!


  3. This is a good article on affirmations. I especially like how you give examples of present moment language and your point on believability.

  4. Tom,

    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I found your site fantastic. I really keyed in on the theme of “responsibility.”

    I believe that a huge part of change, believing, and then planning must first begin with an awareness that “you” are the biggest factor. Responsibility is the natural, but often ignored, portion of the “recipe” to claim your new life.

    A great source for the concept of responsibility is found in Tom’s article:

    For those just getting acquainted with this blog, please take a moment to visit Tom’s “Delightful Work” blog at


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  6. Great article on affirmations, and showing exactly how they should be written. It is importent to write in the present tense as if it’s already happening now. Statements that start out with “I will” are not effective. I have a certificate in hypnosis, and know that reasons for this have to do with the mechanics of the subconscious mind, which are too lengthy for me to go into in this short reply.

    I think your website offers something of value to the online community and I applaud you for it.


  7. innerarchitect


    Thank you for commenting. So many people allow doubt and the “noise” from their negative self conscious voice to determine their outcome.

    We believe that our step-by-step information builds awareness that people have the ability to craft a job and life based on their passionate interests.

    Thank you again and please come back.

    dean and susan

  8. hi,
    Thanks for your post and the 5 steps to successful affirmations.
    In my experience , step number 5 is critical in helping to achieve desired result and one which is often overlooked.

  9. innerlight,

    First I must say I love the name! Yes affirmations are incredible tools that help us in so many ways. I agree that step #5 is so critical. Believing that you are in the process is much more impacting that stating you “will” (future tense) be doing something.
    Being in the process of achieving is vital and often overlooked as you state here.

    Thank you for your kind comment and please stay tuned!

    dean and susan

  10. Dean and Susan

    I think it is the most succinct and complete process I’ve seen on how to deal with the cognitive dissonance created by affirmations.

    I’m going to add this to my blogroll. Great contribution!


  11. innerarchitect

    Hi Ray,

    Thank you so much; this is the type of feedback we really need to hear for our own evaluation.

    Susan’s upcoming book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” is a detailed guidebook with a step-by-step process not seen in works by Chopra, Tolle, Allen, Dyer, and Cohen.

    This book takes the reader on a journey by:

    1. Raising awareness and identifying the passionate interests that make a person happy

    2. Teaching people how to utilize these interests as building blocks for the reality they wish to create–job and life

    3. Clarifying purpose as a major component in our mission here and our subsequent happiness in our lives

    Again thank you and we would love for you to review the book in June.

    dean and susan

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