The Decision Crisis: Follow Your Interests And Passions

Everyone faces decisions and in many cases we fall into a decision crisis: a place where we are unable to make an important decision. In some cases these crisis can last a lifetime. The effects are often detrimental.

A good example of an area where decisions can be life changing is your career path.

What about the decision crisis that faces every student? Your decision making process for identifying the right career path is more important than many decisions you will have to make. Unfortunately this process often begins in the middle rather than the beginning. Simply put, many students and parents look at job markets, financial compensation, and job availability as the deciding factors on a career (major) path.

The First Step in the Decision Making Process

Before you consult the traditional counselors, career and interest surveys, and company representatives recruiting on campus consider the following:

1. Awareness: You will graduate to the workforce via corporate America or as an entrepreneur with a work life history that will span on average 40+ years.

2. Interest: The career path you pursue should be one that holds your interest. It is imperative that you identify all your interests. Make a detailed list of the things, activities, and rituals you enjoy. This should help to heighten your awareness about what direction to take.

3. Passion: After identifying your interests, which ones are your passions? Which activity, subject, or ritual do you just love? Make a list of these “special” interests and consider them your detailed list moving forward.

Discovering the correct career path (major) should start with the awareness that you will be spending the majority of your waking hours working. With this awareness you can then understand how important it is to find a career that you have interest and passion for in abundance.

This example can be applied to most any important decision facing individuals today. Remember to recognize your interest and passion in the decision you are about to make.


4 responses to “The Decision Crisis: Follow Your Interests And Passions

  1. margotmarrakesh

    I’m delighted to have found your really interesting blog today. All of your articles are things I’m enjoying reading.

    I tried signing up for your RSS feed, and couldn’t get the button to add your blog onto my main page.

    Could you add the Meta widget into your sidebar? That is an alternate way of letting people sign up for your RSS feed on both posts and comments. Go to META, then PRESENTATION, then WIDGETS. Look for the Meta widget at the bottom, and drag it into the sidebar, then SAVE changes. That will take care of it.

    Best regards,
    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

  2. Margot,

    Such kind words make writing this blog worth every sentence. Thank you so much!

    We will investigate the problems with our RSS feed as we want people to freely access our information.

    Thank you for your continued readership and thank you for bringing the RSS issues to our attention.

    Be well!

    dean and susan

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