A “License To Print Money”: Misconceptions About Money And How To Change Your Beliefs

“Instead of thinking that you need money, realize that money needs YOU. Money is just so much wasted energy without work to do. Your ideas provide the outlet for it, the means by which money can do things. Develop your ideas, secure in the knowledge that money is always looking for such an outlet. When the ideas are perfected, money will gravitate your way without conscious effort on your part, if only you don’t dam up the channels with doubts and fears. . . . Realize that it is not money you have to seek, but a way to use money for the world’s advantage. Find the need!” — Robert Collier

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” –A Well Meaning Mother

One of the most common misconceptions about money is that there is a limited supply of money available to each person during their lifetime.

This misconception often leads people to make decisions based in fear and not fact. The idea that there is a limit to the supply of money is completely false.

There is a limitless supply of money available to everyone–that is a fact. If people are aware of this fact, if they understand that they can change their own erroneous beliefs about money, and if each individual invests time to create a vision and intended plan of action then the misconception about money’s limited supply becomes obsolete.

The next time you believe you are “a day late and a dollar short”
The next time you think “money doesn’t grow on trees”
Or you think that “a fool and his money are soon parted”
Take heart because with a limitless supply of money available we all “have a license to print money.”


2 responses to “A “License To Print Money”: Misconceptions About Money And How To Change Your Beliefs

  1. The money supply is kept at a level that makes it valuable. If the supply of anything was limitless it would be without trade value. Still, some people’s ability to collect money seems limitless, yet nobody has an infinite amount.

  2. Some,

    Thank you for commenting. You are correct that without trade value, money would be useless.

    What I was thinking was the idea that many people “get in their own way” by placing limits on what they are willing to believe is possible.

    Warren Buffet is worth $60+ Billion and the Busch family that owns Budweiser is very wealthy indeed.

    The idea of “limitless”, in my opinion, is objective and can only be defined by the individual.

    Since this is not a financial or economics blog, my definition of “limitless supply” applies not to the tried and true economic principles but it applies rather to the ability for at least one reader to understand how they are negatively effecting their lives.

    Again the same idea applies when I hear some people talk about the difficulty they have in generating a successful income.

    The description often includes the statement that “it just isn’t in the cards for me” or “some people were meant to be more successful than others.”

    Again in my opinion that is just not true. Each person holds the key to their ability to be successful and it begins with the idea that their are no limits to what is available.

    Thanks for reading.


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