Free Book Chapter Offer:Take Your First Step To Change

We at inner architect are publishing a book, a life manual, “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” devoted to helping people become aware of their challenges, find the courage to confront the idea of change, and take the final step by implementing an intentional plan of action.

“The Apprentice Contest” is a first step in giving people the opportunity to review Chapters 1 now and Chapter 2 of “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” in the future.

The Benefits of Ordering Your Free Copy of Chapter 1

1. Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” helps readers learn:

a. To identify clues that tell you if your job is no longer working for you
b. Get clarity about how well your job is working for you
c. Understand what this means to you personally
d. Recognize what your choices are
e. Identify which choice you really want to make
f. How prepared you are to make a change
g. Your personal steps needed to prepare you to create your change

Susan provides guidance through steps, questions, and measuring tools (reader exercises) which provide the foundation for you to honestly evaluate your situation.

More importantly, Susan has lived and walked this path of change in her life. She abandoned a very successful 20 year direct marketing career as a Vice President to create a better life.

Woven throughout the book are her personal accounts and struggles of leaving a career that no longer fit her life. In addition to Susan’s story, she fortifies the book with stories from former coaching clients, students of her workshops, friends, and family. This collage paints a truth for many readers who can not help but identify, me included, with many of the scenarios in the book.

Final Analysis: Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” helps you understand the value of an open mind aka awareness, provide tools to measure where you stand in your beliefs and attitudes toward change, illustrates a methodical process of steps to implement to reach your goals and intended outcomes.

Truly consider Susan’s story, participate in the exercises, and consider where you stand. If you have experiences or thoughts please share them by joining “The Apprentice Contest” featured in our next article.


11 responses to “Free Book Chapter Offer:Take Your First Step To Change

  1. I have not read anything yet, but before I do, I will give you the benefit of my experience. Keep an open mind. Be willing to change your blue collar for the collar that fits the times. Work in a field that is up and coming. Start at the bottom and adapt and change. As soon as possible become self-employed. Transfer what you learned as a captive employee and build your business. Improve on the model. Work long and hard and sacrifice. In five years or less you should be over the top! Now I will read what you have to say.

  2. innerarchitect


    Wonderful advice that makes perfect sense. I have been a cubicle worker, blue collar, white collar, and now–no collar.

    Because so many people are unaware of how to go about leaving their unsatisfying careers or how to change their lives, Susan’s book offers a process for people to follow with steps and instruction. The support this book offers:

    1. Awareness a problem exists
    2. Remove the obstacles
    3. Measure your self evaluation
    4. Get in touch with your happiness or lack there of
    5. Once ready, a plan to move forward toward your purpose and passions leaving the old behind you

    But of course as you know, without the spirit to take the chance–change does not happen.

    Thank you for your comment.

    The question remains: Are you interested in the free Chapters and contest?


  3. oops (EH) thats how we spell it over here.

  4. innerarchitect


    I stand corrected and thank you very much for your valuable time and considerations!

    dean and susan

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