Awareness and Trust: Keys To Leading a Happy-Purpose Driven Life

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What do citizens under the control of the current North Korean regime, people living in the former Fidel Castro cold war communist Cuba, and political prisoners persecuted in China for expressing ideas or free thought have in common? These people are physically and mentally controlled with no freedoms to create or do what they wish to express.

With this in mind, why are so many people in democratic-free America, and other countries, so blind to the freedom they have to change their circumstances, express their thoughts, or create the life they wish to live?

The answer is awareness. People fail to see, believe, or trust that they have the ability to change their reality. They remain painfully unaware of their own choices in life in a world where many people ACTUALLY never have the ability to choose or create their life.

According to Forbes and other leading media sources, over 50% of Americans dislike their work, feel trapped in dead end careers, and remain fearfully unable to leave their source of discomfort.

Once people develop the awareness of the possibilities of a new life, they must build trust in their ability to create the life they wish to lead.

What is Trust? According to author Susan Hanshaw “Trust is a belief that you accept without evidence.” Simply put you know something to be true without having the physical evidence a scientist would demand as proof.

Trust is the secret to living your purpose

Key for Success #1: Trust in your ability to successfully start a new life. Utilize your Substance Factor including past experiences, skills acquired, titles attained, wisdom learned, respect achieved as powerful tools to move forward.

Key for Success #2: Build your trust so that it is stronger than your fear. Believe in your ability to change, stop allowing fear to dictate your choices, and plan to trust in your abilities to move into your new life.


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