The 45 Second Window: Understanding The Process of Change And How To Begin Moving Toward Your Purpose

Dr. John Eggers Ph.d, industrial psychologist, President/CEO of Proclivity LLC is one of the premier experts in human capital employee challenges, assessing organizational creativity, and problem solving styles in organizations.

According to Dr. Eggers, change in people is a slow process–very slow in many cases.

In one of the most striking presentations I have ever attended at the American Society of Training and Development Silicon Valley Chapter, Dr. Eggers made two of the most incredibly eye-opening statements regarding our self concept and ability to change:

1. 45 Second “Trap Door”: The measurable time frame in which human beings are able to “open the door” to allow change into their “box of beliefs” or belief systems is a maximum of 45 seconds each day.

2. 20 Days: It takes an average of 20 days for others to recognize the change another individual that they interact with has made.

Analysis: Dr. Eggers states that the process of change is slow because we rely upon our beliefs and “bat away” the multitude of incoming stimuli that doesn’t align with our “box of beliefs” everyday.

This means that you are likely to disregard any messages, input or opinions that don’t fit your ideas about your self or your world.

Consequently we perceive ourselves as acting and being something that may not be how other people perceive us to act or be. It is exactly this difference in reality that causes adversity—the minute time frame of 45 seconds to willingly process the idea of change, and the long 20 day duration in which other individuals will then observe the change.


3 responses to “The 45 Second Window: Understanding The Process of Change And How To Begin Moving Toward Your Purpose

  1. Hey Dean – in a world where there is so much redundancy and sensationalism – this is a very unique and mind opening idea.

    I’m going to check it out and see if I can be open to some of the changes I need to make.

  2. Rick,

    I love your videos and message. Thank you for visiting. I trust that Dr. Eggers message is new and helpful to all of us. It’s just a matter of being aware and then taking action.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on our website at and author Susan Hanshaw.

    Thanks so much for your visit.


  3. Thanks Dean,

    these are indeed valuable resources in harnessing human capital competencies. I am sure you will continue to give us more such insights into evolving management concepts in people, process and technology.

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