Taking Your First Step To Building A New Life: Trusting “There Is Something More”

In “Living Your Purpose: How Your Job Affects Your Satisfaction In Life” we examined the fact that more than 50% of people dislike their jobs, feel ignored in their quest for recognition, and feel their work is meaningless. The following is the first step to breaking away.

Whether you are wildly successful and making more money than you imagined or you are barely getting by and monetary success has eluded you, many people still ask the question “Is this all there is?” This question comes from a lack of fulfillment that stems from the fact that we really are in search of our ultimate purpose–the reason why we are here.


“Trust is the claiming of something that you desire to experience from life, with a strong belief that it could come true” according to author Susan Hanshaw.

Analysis: In order to take the first step to finding your purpose, leaving your meaningless job-career, you must develop trust that you can reproduce a career and life that is more meaningful and monetarily successful.

Tips To Moving Forward:

1. Trust in “What you Want” to be real for you

2. Build your Trust” so that it becomes stronger than your fear

In order to take your first step out of a unsuccessful job or a meaningless career, you must be willing to trust in your ability to create a new more meaningful life. Without this first cornerstone, you will remain stuck in your lifeless, stressful, meaningless, and problematic situation–with no relief in sight.


2 responses to “Taking Your First Step To Building A New Life: Trusting “There Is Something More”

  1. Great analazing,
    I wanted to add a small thought, i believe trusting is different for each individual at different levels but at the end everyone has to take some sort of chance and just be positive. People deserve a chance but its an educated choice that helps you believe in trusting that individual or whatever it may be easier.
    Thank You, I really like your reading material.

  2. Janier,

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! People do deserve a chance. Too often they do not take personal responsibility for “creating” the change that will provide the best chance for happiness and success. Thank you for your thoughts and praise!

    dean and susan

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