InnerArchitect Launches Newsletter: Techniques For Designing Your Destiny

In the spirit of pioneering a new frontier, inner architect is proud to announce the January 25, 2008 premiere issue of our newsletter: Techniques For Designing Your Destiny.

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We will provide an action packed introduction to current and future posits, building blocks for education, guides, strategies, lists, tips, and how to steps to create your intended desired outcomes.

Issue #1: “What Can Quantum Physics Do For You”

*How you observe an event influences how it evolves

*We are not separate entities independent of one another and our environment

*Directed thoughts produce a physical energy

Intention: Your Power To Influence

*What is Intention? Intention is a deliberate effort

*Why focus on Intention? You are constantly designing your destiny

Six Steps To Using Intention:

1. Define your intentions into clear, specific thoughts
2. Visualize the manifestation of your intention
3. Mentally focus on your intention as often as you can
4. Take the external actions necessary to support your internal work
5. Believe in your ability to make your intention reality
6. Build confidence in your ability to influence change by noting when you have effected your reality through your intentions


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