Why Is Genentech # 2 On CNNMoney.com’s 100 Best Companies To Work For In 2007 List?

In “CNNMoney.com’s 100 Best Companies To Work For In 2007: Tips For Attracting and Retaining Your Human Capital” we chronicled some of the Google policies, philosophies, and strategies that make it one of the most coveted places to work.

Genentech ranked #2 on this list is another example for HR and OD managers on how a company successfully attracts and retains it’s human capital. Genentech “considered the founder of the biotech field” has been “delivering on the promise of biotechnology for more than 30 years” according to their website.

Perks: Genentech offers employees a generous 6 week paid sabbatical to every employee upon completion of six years of service. Genentech’s Entire benefits listing page is a rich and diverse offering that could be mined for ideas by resourceful researchers.

Full jobs sharing program allows employees flexibility. This is important to employees wishing to start families and people looking for work-life balance.

Training: Each employee receives 150 hours per year of training–a robust offering. Utilizing Genentech’s search engine on their site, the term “training” returned 140 documents.

Tuition Assistance Programs that reimburse employees 100% up to $10,000 per year on Computer training, Personal Growth, Career Management and Diversity training are only some of the ongoing, on-site courses available to Genentech employees.

Final analysis:

What can not be reviewed is Genentech’s corporate culture a Google like spirit in allowing their employees to follow their intuitions, lead by example, and create outside the normal work environment. They foster entrepreneurial endeavors, collaboration, and teamwork within a focused corporate culture allowing employees the freedom to “stretch out” and reach for their goals.

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