Employee Development: 5 Reasons “Why” It Is Vital To Company Health and Longevity

In “Human Capital Challenges Facing Facing Corporate America in 2008: 5 Questions About Employee Development” I outlined the most important questions facing Human Resources and Organizational Development directors. Questions about training, understanding employee challenges, potential, corporate culture, and strategies were highlighted.

The next step is identifying important reasons why employee also known as human capital development is so important:

1. Human Capital management is an integral part of any effective succession planning designed to ensure the health and vitality of your organization, focused purpose for deserving employees, and continued development of management talent.

Intention provides awareness and sets in place a action plan which acts as the tool for creating desired results

2. Human Capital Training and development is an investment in your organization that will provide a generous return on investment if it is targeted and focused on the needs of your individual team members

Thought is the most powerful tool in influencing outcomes

3. Employee development can have a significant impact on employee retention. Engaged and purpose driven employees with the opportunity for personal and professional growth are more likely to stay with your organization

Paradigm Shift understanding the control and power we may enjoy over our creative process

4. Employee development creates employee “buy in” to the corporate culture, “buy in” for future goals within the company, and helps human resources’ retention efforts

Intuition the next step in solidifying decision making and leadership strengths within the team environment

5. Team members realize the personal growth and satisfaction derived from the opportunity to hone and develop their skills


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