How to Influence Your World through Intention

What is intention?

Intention is a deliberate effort to make or influence a change. Unlike desire, which is simply focusing on an outcome, intention includes an executable plan which will lead to a desired outcome.

Why the focus on intention?

You are constantly designing your destiny through your thoughts. Scientists have discovered that your thoughts are not insignificant pops of energy; rather they are a driving force that has the ability to affect molecular structure.

What steps can I take to use intention to influence my life?

  1. Define your intentions into clear, specific thoughts.
  2. Visualize the manifestation of your intention.
  3. Mentally focus on your intention as often as you can.
  4. Take the external actions necessary to support your internal work.
  5. Believe in your ability to make your intention into your reality.
  6. Build confidence in your ability to influence change by noting when you have effected your reality through your intentions.

We will be offering more tips for creating an effective intention practice very soon. So please stay tuned.


5 responses to “How to Influence Your World through Intention

  1. I really like what you’re saying here! If more people took the time to consider their “intentions” , make a plan and follow through they would find that their chances of success would be much greater. I try to impart this principle to my clients as in well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sara Lynn,

    Susan is a very good writer who understands how to shed light on a subject with grace. I am working to perfect my style.

    This article is Susan’s writing and it really captures the essence of what is such an important tool for all of us to utilize: intention.

    Thanks for your input and be well!


  3. truly inspiring, will be back for more…

  4. Vijay,

    Author Susan Hanshaw is the pioneer behind the frontier convergence of quantum physics and metaphysics and our driving force.

    We truly appreciate your kind words and interest. Please come back for more as the exploration is ongoing, insights forthcoming, and fantastic results the next step in what Susan calls the “paradigm shift.”


  5. I enjoy how this bog is sprinkled with the word intention all
    over it, it is really the key driving force to a successful
    Take Care,
    Amanda Arcilla
    Success/Attraction Coach at http://www.intentional

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