Work-Life Balance: Hillary Clinton Feeling The Strain Many Americans Feel And Creating New Reality

This past week Hillary Clinton had what many felt was an emotional outpouring uncharacteristic of her seemingly stoic demeanor. The media questioned her stability and if she was feeling the strain of a possible failed primary in Iowa and the strain brought on by work-life balance issues of being on the campaign trail.

Reality is much different than perception. Simply put the Clinton camp understood the need for Hillary to express herself in a more heartfelt and open manner, allow her supporters to realize she is human and fragile, and they advised her that she needed to connect with her constituents now rather than later. The end results are stunning:

Clinton took the advice of her managers and set the intention to explain herself, reveal her vulnerability, and exhibit the strength it takes to put yourself out there.

Hillary created her reality with her thoughts and intention (action plan of desire). Against all odds and polls available up to the day of the election, Hillary triumphed and won the New Hampshire primary. This is one of the best examples of creating your reality through thought and intention yet.

If a national figure in front of a nation and the entire world can create such a powerful change in her reality, so can any of us (with far fewer witnesses breathing down our neck) at anytime in any place.


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