Quantum Physics’ Benefits: What Can Quantum Physics Do For You?

What key discoveries in quantum physics point to the powerful truth about your ability to influence and change your world?

1. Events that occur are totally unpredictable. The way a person observes an event influences how it evolves. Your observation can change or alter the event. This principle is referred to as the observer effect”.

2. We are not separate entities independent of one another and our environment. We are all connected and engaged in influential energetic relationships even without our conscious awareness.

3. Many quantum physicists believe that the entire universe was created from the vacuum of empty space that surrounds us. This vacuum of nothingness is active, intelligent and has a consciousness. It appears that this intelligence source guides and directs all activities in the universe.

What are the implications of these discoveries?

Many quantum physicists speculate that an ultimate source behind everything in the universe transforms consciousness into matter. Matter inherently acts as a mirror of the mind from which it manifested.

What does this mean for you?

You create the reality that is your life. Your power to influence the events and circumstances of your life is huge! Ask yourself what you need to do to continually remember this and make it a habit.

How can you use these understandings to positively impact your world?

Your mind can be thought of as like a field of possibilities. The field contains possibilities for all things to happen. You can shift the odds of probabilities by continually observing, changing and shifting how you observe it. Your change of mind becomes a force.

How can a group benefit from these discoveries?

In a group, the probability field in one mind can affect another mind, so that the group mind becomes one mind with a greater ability to affect change.



7 responses to “Quantum Physics’ Benefits: What Can Quantum Physics Do For You?

  1. I so enjoyed this post. I am a firm believer that we are in charge of our own destiny, yet it seems as though many people have a tendency to sabotage themselves by seeing ‘the event’ or circumstance incorrectly or negatively…or maybe it is seen in a false or too positive light. Situations from our past have a way of creeping into our “observer’ position. Self education towards a better knowlege of the ‘events’ that shaped our lives and therefore shape our responses and observations would be a great help towards seeing the ‘real’ event. Once we are able to recognize the truth of the circumstances we would be more abt to be successful at changing poor habits.

  2. Hi Dean and thanks for the link to the new blog and website. How did you know I’m really into all this stuff. Have been all my life. Even as a small child raised in a strict Roman Catholic home, I knew my version of “god” was different from everyone else’s. It didn’t bother me, but I just knew.

    I also knew I could make things happen by focusing my attention on it and I’ve been really “lucky” all my life.

    Good luck with this and I think the tone is perfect. This blog certainly speaks to me!

  3. This is a great blog. For those of us who have always known there was something that didn’t fit the religious mold “out there”, your blog and website really speak to me.

    Good luck and I will certainly keep up with your blog.

  4. Sara Lynn,

    First let me say thank you for the comment and thoughts. I agree wholeheartedly with your beliefs here.

    When we begin to realize that there is a Paradigm Shift going on in how we view our outside world and it’s effects (or lack there of) in regards to the reality we seek to create, then individuals will empower themselves to create the outcomes they seek.


  5. Flirty,

    Thank you so very much! Now you are preaching to the choir. My partner and author Susan Hanshaw came from a strict Catholic upbringing–she is the heart and soul behind inner architect.

    Please stay tuned in as Susan will begin to write more about Quantum Physics-Metaphysics role in intention and thought.

    This weekend I am publishing a quick article on Susan and how she became interested in metaphysics and ultimately how Susan is currently pioneering this new frontier!

    Thank you again!


  6. Hey dean,

    I love stuff like this that makes me think about the “Why” of things…and myself.

    Most of us barely function on a personal “conscious” level. Imagine the power of team “subconscious” thinking.

    Provocative content. Intriguing header image.

    Couple quick suggestions:

    1. Not sure about the bright blue text in the posts. Confusing to figure out hyperlinks.
    2. Have some kinda opt-in to a newsletter/free download “above the fold” to build your prospect list.
    3.. Use the commercial version of WP to clean-up your domain name on the blog. Helps to focus on “inner architect” name… I love that name!


    God does not play dice.
    Albert Einstein

  7. Walt,

    Thanks for the great feedback!

    I just posted it as I have been in session with my partner on changes we are going to implement on an ongoing basis.

    Thanks again Walt!


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