Personal Development’s New Frontier: Quantum Physics Meets Metaphysics Influencing Your Outcome

Startup business inner architect, the creation of author Susan Hanshaw and business director Dean Guadagni, is based on the posit that quantum physics converges with metaphysics; and this convergence provides individuals with the ability to influence outcomes and reshape their reality like no other personal development concept available today.
Quantum physics has brought forth a new basis for understanding how the world works. What metaphysical philosophers have long instinctively believed is now being grounded in scientific evidence. The end result is a new frontier which calls for a reorganization of beliefs so that we can reap the benefits of what has been discovered about an individual’s ability to influence outcomes.To put this paradigm shift into perspective, consider the role that science plays in the evolution of our expectations about our world:
1. Science discovers truths about the workings of nature through experimentation and analysis.
2. Scientific analysis of Inductive reasoning starts with a particular observation that is believed to be a demonstrative model for a truth or principal that is assumed to apply generally. Findings are interpreted to predict the probability of future cause and effect outcomes.

Personal development is becoming more important in today’s corporate world. As companies and individuals search for an edge and personal improvement, the amount of training, coaching, workshops, and seminars will continue to increase. Included in this growth will be the introduction of new theories and concepts into practice with inner architect taking a leading role in this niche.


2 responses to “Personal Development’s New Frontier: Quantum Physics Meets Metaphysics Influencing Your Outcome

  1. Dean, Susan,

    I’m looking forward to future posts on this blog – it is a great approach to the “dilemma” we’re all facing – discovering who we are and how to best apply this knowledge.
    By the way – Great Website.

    Sabine Pyrchalla

  2. Sabine,

    Thank you for the high praise; please continue to follow our progress as we launch our business innerarchitect.

    The website is a virtual library of pioneering content, posits about our new frontier of quantum physics converging with metaphysics, and a source for new methods of human capital improvement.

    The blog will focus on methodology, guides, how to’s, and tips on this new frontier and it’s applications.

    Please continue to follow us and give us your feedback.

    A new project is on the horizon that will help both our friends and contacts as well as our networking business relationships.

    Stay tuned.

    dean and susan

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